About Us :

Durapeg was started in the sixties by Athol McLean (Mac) Carr Harris to supplement his young hockey pad company which was using newly developed HDPE plastic resins. Mac was born in London, Ont,. In 1914, received a bachelor or arts degree in chemistry and served in the Royal Canadian Air Force.

In the early days, Mac took a competitor to the supreme court of Canada on a design patent infringement. After designing and sorting out this new peg, Mac was told he didn't have a case because the rival pegs were a different color.

In 1982 Mac sold the company to Jeffrey D. Werner. Jeff was a 1970 graduate of General Motors Institute; now Kettering University. GMI was a co-op engineering school owned by General Motors. He was sponsored by Pontiac Motor Division and worked in the facilities planning section of the forward planning department.

Durapeg is now located in Warren, Pennsylvania. Warren is on the edge of the magnificent Allegheny National Forest. Jeff has two grown sons and has been an avid camper for 30 years. He favors a Eureka Alpine 4 tent made by Johnson Outdoors and uses Durapegs' 7 ¼" fiberglass reinforced nylon Durapins.



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